These weapons sets are basic weapons that require little to no training to use.

Club Set:

Club 1d6 x2 10ft. 3 lbs. B
Mace 1d8 x2 4 lbs. B and P
Large Club 1d10 x2 8 lbs. B

Spear Set

Modern Armor:

Modern armor provides protection against modern ballistic weapons. The DR value is against ballistic weapons only.

Light +3 AC +5 Dex 0 30ft. 10 lbs. DR 2
Medium +4 AC +3 Dex -1 30ft. 20 lbs. DR 3
Heavy +5 AC +2 Dex -4 20ft. 35 lbs. DR 4
Ballistic Shield +2 AC -2 30ft. 10 lbs. +DR 1
Heavy Ballistic Shield +2 AC +3 -3 20ft. 20 lbs. +DR 2

Shield A.I.:

Shield A.I. is advanced technology that provides the user with protection against laser, thermal, and shock weapons. It’s generators are constantly recharging and are refreshed every round. It is usually worn on the back, chest, arm or shoulders.

Basic Shield A.I. Resist 5 5 lbs.
Intermediate Shield A.I. Resist 10 5 lbs.
Advanced Shield A.I. Resist 15 5 lbs.
Heavy Shield A.I. Resist 20 5 lbs.


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